Weather and Climate in Australia

Current Weather

bom.gov.au - for current weather forecasts, warnings, observations, and radar images visit the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology web site

Australian weather news: weatherchannel.com.au and weatherzone.com.au

Climatic zones of Australia

Tropical Zone – north of the Tropic of Capricorn with two seasons: the Dry (April – November) and the Wet (December – March).

Central Zone – hot summer, and cool nights in the winter.

Southern Zone – Sydney, Melbourne, Tasmania.

A detailed map climate zones based on temperature and humidity can be accessed on the Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology web site

Another important component of Australian weather are severe droughts that return every two to seven years and associated with phenomenon known as El Niño - Southern Oscillation (ENSO).

To learn more about ENSO, you can visit following websites: Australian Bureau of Meteorology ENSO Wrap-Up, US National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Climate Diagnostics Center ENSO pages.

The seasons in Australia are the reverse of the Northern Hemisphere.

Quick weather info on major Australian cities

  Mean Temperatures (°C) Rain
  January July (mm)
Location Max Min Max Min Annual
Adelaide 28.5 16.6 14.9 7.5 553
Alice Springs 36.1 21.2 19.5 4.0 274
Brisbane 29.2 21.0 20.6 9.5 1189
Canberra 27.8 12.9 11.1 -0.2 631
Darwin 31.8 24.8 30.4 19.3 1666
Hobart 21.5 11.7 11.5 4.5 624
Melbourne 25.7 14.0 13.3 5.8 661
Perth 31.5 16.8 17.7 8.1 869
Sydney 26.3 18.5 16.9 6.7 1220

Australia is a large continent with diverse climate and weather.

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