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DSC_1935_Boil_the_Billy DSC_1936_Mr_Incredible_is_Resting DSC_1937_Rocky_Ridge_Lake DSC_1940_Weitas_Butte_Lookout DSC_1943_Weitas_Meadows DSC_1945_Inviting_Lolo_Motorway DSC_1946_Castle_Butte_Lookout DSC_1953_Finding_the_Screeching_Noise_Source DSC_1960_Columbian_Ground_Squirrel DSC_1961_Hidden_Lake_Trail Hidden Lake Overview Nature Trail that starts at the Logan Pass visitor’s center in the Glacier National Park, Montana, offers opportunities to view Twisted Trees, Camouflaged Birds, Hoary Marmot, Mountain Goat, ancient sea floor, snowfields, and breathtaking scenery all around. DSC_1964_Landscape_by_the_Logan_Pass Beautiful landscape by the Logan Pass at Glacier National Park DSC_1968_White-crowned_Sparrow White-crowned Sparrow - Zonotrichia leucophrys DSC_1972_Snowfields_at_Glacier DSC_1974_White_Flowers_at_Glacier DSC_1979_Yellow_Flowers_at_Glacier DSC_1987_Another_View_from_Logan_Pass DSC_1992_Logan_Pass_Parking_Lot The parking lot at the Logan Pass visitor center in Glacier National Park is often full, so try to get there early in the morning, or late in the afternoon. Or take a tour on one of the long red beautifully restored old Ford busses. DSC_1996_Clements_Mountain DSC_1997_Waterfall One of many waterfalls at Glacier National Park DSC_2002_The_Wall_that_Keeps_on_Weeping DSC_2007_Jackson_Glacier DSC_2013_Gashing_Water_on_the_Roadside A place to get wet: N48.69709 W113.69266 DSC_2028_Picturesque_Ridges_of_Glacier DSC_2033_Going-to-the-Sun Road DSC_2038_Mountain_in_the_Sunlight DSC_2043_Deer DSC_2056_Old_Car_on_a_Trailer DSC_2057_Paradise_Montana DSC_2066_Columbia_River DSC_2070_Arlington_on_Columbia_River DSC_2081_Oregon_Trail_Crossing Historic Oregon Trail Crossing at John Day Hwy (SR-19) DSC_2085_Flat_Tire
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